Historical information

"The Clubmaker" was the official journal of the Heidelberg Golf Club from 1967-2003. It was issued variously: monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Folder 1 contents: Vol.1 No.1 1967 - Vol.4 No.9 1972; Folder 2 contents: Vol.5 1973 - Vol.15 1985; Folder 3 contents: Vol.15 1985 - Vol.21 1995; Folder 4 contents: Vol.22 1994 - Vol.29 2003. There is no journal for 2004. In August 2005, name is changed to "The Berger"; in Sept 2011 another name change to "The Heidelberger". Incomplete set of later editions. All newsletters are now delivered electronically and via the HGC members' website.


An incomplete set of HGC Newsletters spanning 36 years.

Physical description

4 folders containing copies of The Clubmaker and other journals of HGC.