Historical information

The AETA published calendars on an annual basis through to 2005, promoting electric transport in Public Transport. The photo shows the two different liveries adopted by the Franchised operators M>Tram and Yarra trams when the system was split into two different companies. Features B2 class trams 2078 and 2021.

The hand written note, dated 28-11-2005 by Keith Kings was with the calendar and records that Ken Craven was not able to arrange production for a 2006 calendar.


Yields information about the AETA promotional activities.

Physical description

Australian Electric Traction Association (AETA) Calendar for 2002, featuring a photo by Ian Thiele of M>Tram and Yarra Trams B2 class trams passing each other in Brunswick St Fitzroy. Gives contact details for the AETA divisions. Stapled to the sheet is a 12 sheet preprinted calendar for 1985 with various details of holidays etc. Printed on card with a punched hole on the top edge. The photo is glued to the sheet.

Hand written note on ruled quarto sheet.