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117 pp : illustrated : Appendices
Preface / Robert Baker p4. The collection / Robert Baker p5. Cartwheel penny / Robert Baker p6. Creek and old watering stage / David White p10. John Carson: Mayor 1863–4 1 / Julie King p4. Wedding dress / Suzanne McWha p18. Back to Kew 1875 / Judith Scurfield p22. Barnard’s clock / Margaret Robinson p26. Denbigh quilt / Suzanne McWha p28. Fragments of art decoration / Robert Baker p32. Mr Richardson’s sock / Felicity Renowden p36. Kew Volunteer Fire Brigade / David White p38. Kew Where We Live / Judith Scurfield p42. [MMBW} Detail Plan No. 1580 / Judith Scurfield p46. Adeney Avenue / Suzanne McWha p50. Young Workers’ Patriotic Guild / Margaret Robinson p54. Roll of Honor [Thomas Rand] / Robert Baker p56. Alice Anderson in her tourer / Felicity Renowden p60. Kew War Memorial / David White p62. Beaded dance dress / Suzanne McWha p 66. The great flood of 1934 / Desley Reid p68. Depression-era toolbox / Robert Baker p72. War Savings Street / Julie King p74. Kew Public L.ibrary / Suzanne McWha p78. Signature supper cloth / Desley Reid p82. View from the garden of Rockingham / Desley Reid p86. Cr Marie Dalley / Felicity Renowden p90. Centenary of Kew / Robert Baker p94. Doris Dickinson’s gown / Julie King p98. [Model Dairy] Milk bottles / Robert Baker p100. Kew Civic Centre / David White p102. Bicentennial tapestries / Margaret Robinson p106. Crest of the City of Kew / Desley Reid p110. Town Crier [outfit] / Desley Reid p112. Acknowledgements p114. List of works p115.

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'Stories They Tell : A history of Kew through objects' explores diverse narratives from European settlement to the first decades of the twenty-first century. These stories use as their starting point artworks, texts and artefacts from the nationally significant collection of the Kew Historical Society. Limited to 100 copies.