Historical information

A newspaper article the work of the War Widows Guild, there is a mention of Legacy sending widows to the Guild.
The War Widows Guild was founded by Mrs J M Vasey, the wife of Major-General Vasey. During the second world war she became secretary of the AIF Women's Association, a body which sought to help soldiers' wives. Her work with this body drew her attention to the plight of war widows. After Major-General George Alan Vasey died in an aircraft accident on 5 March 1945 she became a widow herself. At the end of the war Mrs Vasey founded the War Widows Guild.
The Victorian War Widows Guild closed in 2021. Some items, including this board, were donated to the Legacy archive for preservation. It was possible for a widow to be members of both Legacy and the War Widows Guild. Both organisations helped war widows in various ways.


A record of the work done by Jessie Vasey and the War Widows Guild.

Physical description

Newspaper article 'Widows Unaware of Fund'.