Historical information

Legatee Stan Savige attended the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth on 2nd June 1953 as a representative of Legacy at the request of the Co-ordinating Council and the Australian Prime Minister, Robert Menzies. This booklet is his account of the events as he wrote in a letter back the President of Legacy. In shows the interest in the Coronation, and L/- Savige's account was of interest to so many that it was published in a booklet for the Legatees.
Two additional copies of the booklet - see full images at 01164.


The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was an important event and Sir Stan Savige felt it worth sending a letter that was published for Legatees about it. Also that Legacy was deemed important enough to send a representative.

Physical description

Two copies of a booklet recounting the Queen's Coronation as observed by Stan Savige.

Inscriptions & markings

One copy has handwritten 'B' in top right in pencil