Historical information

A letter dated 14 March 1940 to Legatee Stan Savige advising him that he had permission to visit Hobart Legacy while he was in Australia during the second World War. It is signed by General Thomas Blamey. The reason for the trip to Hobart was to present the Legacy Charter to the Remembrance Club to become Hobart Legacy. It was held at Hadley's Hotel in Hobart. Savige was serving in the Second World War and had to obtain special permission to travel to Hobart to fulfil this task. A menu card from the dinner is also in the archive.
Legatee Savige presented the Legacy Charter which was then accepted by the President of the Remembrance Club. The members were then presented with Legacy Badges.


An important link to Legatee Stan Savige, the founder of Legacy and the acceptance of Legacy Charter in Hobart.

Physical description

Cream letterhead of the 2nd AIF with a letter from General Blamey to Stan Savige in 1940.

Inscriptions & markings

Signed E A Blamey in black ink.