Historical information

This item is part of a larger collection donated to the Kew Historical Society by Anna French. The collection includes personal items from the donor's family, as well as items given to the donor and her mother by a family friend, Lucy Merritt (Jean) Hornby. The item is from that part of the collection inherited or assembled by Jean Hornby. The collection is significant given Jean Hornby's mother's descent from Robert Hornby (1854-1935) and Eva Merritt (1865-1959); her mother the chid of a family who settled in Kew in the 1850s, this providing a chain of provenance for items dating to the mid-nineteenth century, when her maternal forebears arrived in Melbourne. Other items represent Jean Hornby's contribution to her local and wider community.


The items as created are representative and fine examples of late Victorian and or Edwardian needlework. While many such items were copies of published patterns, these may be original designs.

Physical description

Two mantle or pelmet decorations, with hand embroidered arum lilies on delustred satin backed onto canvas. One pelmet is slightly longer than the other, but each has the same number of bobbles on the trim.