Historical information

Tickets printed and issued by the Victorian Railways for the Sandringham to Black Rock electric street railway or tramway. The line closed in 1956. All tickets numbered for accounting purposes.


Yields information about the VR Ticketting System for its Tramways.

Physical description

Set of 3 Victorian Railways Sandringham to Black Rock electric tramway ticket blocks. Printed on white sheets, stapled at the top with a large staple onto a cardboard backing strip. Each value in red ink with black print information. Each block has the ticket number printed on the stub of the ticket that remained with the block when torn off. Were printed in blocks of 200.

1 - 2d - Nos 677805 to 677986 - rear cardboard backing removed along with a number of tickets.
2 - 2d - Nos 80012 to 80185 with tickets and stubs removed at the rear.
3 - 3d - Nos. 40022 to 400189 - as above.