Historical information

Set of six photographs taken by George Bishop on 24-2-1995
1 - A 296 (Route 109) at Port Melbourne terminus
2 - Z3 197 at South Melbourne Beach, advertising MBF (Medical Benefits Fund) on an East Coburg service - note the "temporary" sign in front of the tram giving the destination.
3 - Z2 2119 (Route 96) at the former St Kilda Railway Station
4 - Z2 2028 (Route 96) St Kilda beach, The Esplanade
5 - Z2 2058 (Route 96) St Kilda beach, The Esplanade
6 - W7 1021 (Route 15) St Kildas beach, The Esplanade


Yields information about the operation of Melbourne trams during early 1995.

Physical description

Set of six colour prints printed on Kodak paper

Inscriptions & markings

Details of the photograph and photographer on the rear in ink.