Historical information

A letter from Legatee Savige to Legatee Aaron Beattie dated16 April 1944. Stan Savige was serving in World War 2 at the time. He lists his return address as VX13 Lt Gen S G Savige, 2 Aust Corps.
The note says: Dear Aaron. As always your very nice letter pops up and is very much appreciated. The last one of congratulations has just reached me. I may be seeing Adrian before very long. Kind regards to the wife and yourself. Yours sincerely, Stan G Savige.
Addressed to Aaron Bettie, ANA Building 28 Elizabeth St Melb.


A record of a note between Legatees.

Physical description

Cream note dated 16 April 1944 from Stan Savige to Aaron Beattie.

Inscriptions & markings

Note paper is embossed with a coat of arms which appears British with a lion and a unicorn.