Historical information

A letter from Legatee Savige to Legatee Bill Perrin dated 16 July 1945. Stan Savige was serving in World War 2 at the time. Bill Perrin was Legacy President that year.
It discusses the importance of allowing admission of new legatees from the ranks of the servicemen from World War 2. He is concerned there might be conflict with other organisations if they are created to perform a similar role as Legacy. Part of the letter says: "When the opportunity presents itself I speak to men, who are the right type for membership, of the necessity to consider the Club as an avenue of service after the war. Quite recently I have met men who know about Legacy, but are more concerned about their own Unit Associations taking up our type of work in its application to the widows and orphans of the men killed within their units."


A record of Stan Savige's concerns about the future of Legacy and including new members from World War 2.

Physical description

White letter with blue type x 4 pages dated 16 July 1945 from Stan Savige to Bill Perrin.