Historical information

A letter dated 9 May 1963 from Legatee Desmond Breheny to Legatee Brian Armstrong to return material he borrowed about the life of Stan Savige. It probably included a copy of Legatee Armstrong's memorial oration he gave about Savige at the 1954 Legacy Conference in Canberra.
The oration is a full account of Savige's life, his war service and his role in Legacy. Legatee Armstrong was a good friend of Savige. The moving address described General Savige's life and service career, and how he formed Legacy in 1923 at the suggestion of his former Commander, Major General Sir John Gellibrand. There are copies of the oration in the archive.
This letter says 'Thank you for the use of your notes re Stan Savige which are returned enclosed. With these and Russell's book the task was much easier but I fear the results not as good as either! Kindest regards, Des Breheny.'


A record of the life and service of Legatee Stan Savige being shared at other Legacy Clubs after his death in 1954.

Physical description

White quarto letter from Legatee Dreheny to Legatee Armstrong on 9 May 1963.

Inscriptions & markings

Printed with his address in black on top right. Letter is handwritten in blue pen.