Historical information

Typed notes on the life of Legatee Stan Savige's business. It says: "In 1923 (then Mr S G Savige) he was appointed selling agent for the Geelong R. S. & S. Woollen Mills, establishing his sub-agents in all the capital cities of Australia where the products of the mill were sold. He continued in this capacity until the time of his death. The business is still carried on under the name of S.G. Savige Pty Ltd."
With an added note from Frank Doolan dated 1/1/1958, that the attached pages include a copy of Legatee Schofield's speech at the first Annual Meeting of Geelong Legacy following Stan's death. He says it quotes a few slabs verbatim from Stan's speech of 4/11/1939. That speech titled 'Legacy and Sister Clubs' is also in the archive. It was sent to Frank Doolan as part of an early archive project.


A record of a speech at Geelong Legacy that honours Stan Savige.

Physical description

Note on white foolscap paper with some biographical details of Legatee Savige and a hand written note saying the attached was Legatee Schofield's speech about Savige.