Historical information

A letter from Gerta Gillies to Legatee Aaron Bettie about the publication of the biography of Stan Savige. Mrs Gillies was the first instructor for girls classes. Legatee Aaron Beattie helped organise many of the early demonstrations. The letter says Mrs Gillies was thrilled to receive a copy of the book by W B Russell titled 'There goes a man'.
She says: 'How can I convey in words how deeply touched I am at your gift of the book! What wonderful memories it calls up of the Great Man, General Savige. I also realise even he couldn't have made such as marvellous success if he had not been ably backed up by yourself and the men he gathered round him'.
Attached to the letter was a newspaper article dated 10/10/1959 discussing the publication of the book.


A record of a past staff member praising Savige and the legatees.

Physical description

Blue paper letter to Legatee Beattie about Stan Savige's biography.