Historical information

A letter from Claude Blatchford to Legatee Stan Savige about the writing of the book about the history of Melbourne Legacy. It discusses the cost of printing and holds up that might mean the book was not published.
He says: "Naturally I should be greatly disappointed if it fails to see the light of day. It cost me a great deal of effort at a time when effort with me was not easy, and, quite frankly, I should never have attempted it if I thought for a moment that my hard work would not result in the book being printed."


A record of a past staff member praising Savige and the legatees.

Physical description

White paper letter on Junior Legacy Club letterhead from Blatchford to Stan Saviage about his biography.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten in blue pen 'Blatchford 1932' and signed in black ink 'Yours Blatch', and noted in red pen 'Claude Blatchford (Editor of the History)'.