Historical information

The Stinson L - 5 Sentinel was a World War 11- era liaison aircraft used by the United States Army Air Forces,
U.S Army Ground Forces, U>S Marine Corps and the British Royal Air Force.
It was produced by the Stinson Division of the Vultee Aircraft Company (Consolidated - Vultee from mid- 1943).

Capable of operating from short unimproved airstrips the L - 5 Sentinel delivered personnel, intelligence, and supplies to the front line.
On return flights it carried wounded soldiers who were evacuated to rear area field hospitals for treatment.

The L - 5 carried a pilot and observer. It had a length of 24.1 feet, wingspan of 34 feet, It had a maximum speed of 130 mph, a cruise speed of 100 mph with a range of 375 miles.


The L - 5 was a significant asset to the allied war effort.

Physical description

Wooden propeller from Lycoming engine, with photograph of aircraft.

Inscriptions & markings

Stinson L 5 Sentinal reconnaissance plane used in Korea and Vietnam. Propeller displayed from a similar plane.