Historical information

The "Living in a Sensory World" showcases how far Australia’s blindness community has come a long way since the mid-19th century, when people who were blind or had low vision had few opportunities to fully engage with society.
Historic items and compelling first-hand accounts in the form of oral histories, diaries and memoirs from the collections of Vision Australia, museums and individuals provide context for a celebration of the achievements of people with low or no vision, at the same time giving visitors a window into the sensory world experienced by people with blindness or low vision.
The exhibition also explores current technologies and their positive effects on people’s lives while speculating on the future and the potential for continuing improvement in the lives of people with blindness or low vision.
This audio guide was produced to help visitors with low or no sight access the exhibition and the items on display at the:
- Melbourne Museum from August to October 2012.
- Sovereign Hill Gold Museum November 2012 to February 2013.
- Yarra Ranges Regional Museum February 2013 to April 2013.