Historical information

The Maddingley area of Bacchus Marsh was surveyed for brown coal deposits in the 1930s. By the early 1940s brown coal in large quantities was being extracted and was transported to Melbourne where it was used to fire boilers for the Australian Paper Mills (APM) company. By the 1970s APM was using natural gas instead of coal. Maddingley brown coal was then used to fire boilers for the CRA/VISY cardboard factory at Bacchus Marsh. This factory closed down in 1990. During the 1990s the mine was acquired by the Calleja family company who ran transport and waste management operations.


The Maddingley Brown coal mine was a major industry in Bacchus Marsh for 50 years. A sample of coal from the mine is a reminder of the importance of this local industry over an extended period of time.

Physical description

Two cylindrical plastic containers mounted on rectangular base

Inscriptions & markings

Sample of pulverised brown coal produced from Maddingley brown coal deposit located at Bacchus Marsh Victoria, October 1981. Moisture content 12% - Specific energy - 22 GJ/Tonne - Particle size - 25% +90 Micron