Historical information

A collection of documents about the Presidents Fund that was collated in 1985. First page is a summary by Legatee Isherwood dated 14/12/1966. Also included a document dated February 1985 written by Legatee Kemsley about the President's Fund that was established in 1933 with funds donated from the estate of Walter Berry in the name of his Company. The Howard and Georgina Berry Fund was to be used by the President to assist a legatee in financial difficulties. Legatee Kemsley was almost 90 and was passing on his knowledge of the history of the fund and its uses. He had served with Walter Berry in France when he was a personal assistant to General Monash.
Also a poor quality copy of the original letter dated 24th February 1933 by Legatee Kemsley to the Trustees.
There are two pages of a bank statement in 1984 showing the balance as being approximately $1,000.
Was in a binder of documents that is passed from an outgoing President to the incoming President. It is primarily from the 1930s to 1990s.
Most documents are being catalogued separately.


A record of the inception and workings of the President's Fund.

Physical description

White A4 paper x 5 pages with black type about President's Fund in 1985 and two pages of bank statements.

Inscriptions & markings

Signed in blue pen on fifth page, 'AN Kemsley, February 1985'.