Historical information

A letter about the Shrine that was sent by Legatee Donovan Joynt to the President. The date is unknown.
He outlines concern that buildings that are proposed along St Kilda road will block the view of the Shrine from different perspectives. The original plans of the Shrine being at the Domain site emphasised that it would be visible on many axis, including from a ship passing through the heads of Port Phillip Bay. He accuses Legacy of being lax in fighting for the original plans being upheld and fighting inappropriate development.
Was in a binder of documents that is passed from an outgoing President to the incoming President. It is primarily from the 1930s to 1990s.
Most documents are being catalogued separately.


A record of a concern by a Legatee about the sanctity of the Shrine being encroached upon by inappropriate buildings nearby.

Physical description

White A4 paper x 2 pages with black type of an undated letter from Legatee Donovan to the President.

Inscriptions & markings

Signed in pencil 'Donovan Joynt'.