Historical information

A Vale notice that was published in the Bulletin in 1986 on the death of Legatee Bill Scott. He joined Legacy in 1938 and was very active in with the children's classes and the Anzac commemoration for students.
It says: "It is clear that Bill Scott’s contribution as a Legatee has been of the very highest order and an inspiration to all with whom he served because of his knowledge and enthusiasm.”
In World War One he had served with the 4th Light Horse Regiment on Gallipoli and in France and Belgium. he was wounded four times and finished with the rank of Sergeant. In the Second World War he served as the Directorate of Hirings at Army Headquarters. There is a photo of Bill in the archive in Light Horse uniform riding a horse at an Anzac Day march, which he did for many years.


A record of the life and service of Legatee Bill Scott.

Physical description

White A4 paper x 2 pages of a photocopy from the Bulletin of the Vale notice about Legatee Bill Scott.