Artists statement

Artist is not known. Comments recorded at the time of purchase are that it is possibly by 'Plimer'. Andrew Plimer, 1763-1837 and his brother Nathaniel Plimer, 1757-1828, were notable British miniaturist portrait painters.

Historical information

William Henry Bacchus was one of the first British colonists to arrive in the Waddawurrung and Wurundjeri first nations peoples country 55 kilometers west of Melbourne in 1838. He established a large sheep property and built a notable large Georgian style home which still stands in the town of Bacchus Marsh today. From shortly after his arrival the area became known to the colonists as Bacchus's Marsh, and was later officiaslly named 'Bacchus Marsh' in his memory.

Physical description

Small framed painting of William Henry Bacchus.

Inscriptions & markings

On the reverse is a label which reads: Captain William Henry Bacchus who arrived in the district of Bacchus Marsh early in 1838, was born in Suffolk, England, 1782, and died at Bacchus Marsh on 26 February 1849. His remains were interred in the graveyard of Holy Trinity Church which during his lifetime he had richly endowed with a gift of land. He was a Captain of the 2nd Royal Surrey Militia and formerly Captain of the 18th Light Dragoons.