Historical information

Features 8 Melbourne Art trams of Oct. 2013. This was the reinvention of the Transport Art programme of 1978 to 1993. Image 2 gives the sponsors details - Arts Victoria, Transport Victoria, Melbourne Festival and Yarra Trams. Artists featured are - SW6 925 - Jon Campbell, Z3 183 Freya Pitt, Z3 209 - Luke Cornish (ELK), Z3 151 - Rose Nolan, Z3 259 Joining Forces, D1 3509 - Brook Andrew, B2 2002 - David Wadelton, C3008 - Bindi Cole.


Provides a framed set of photos of Art Trams that were presented to the public in 2013 - 2014.

Physical description

Wood frame, containing 8 photographic prints, label, text regarding the trams, framed with perspex card backing, paper, tape and fitted on the rear with a hanging cord.