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Hand written testimonies to Neil's work at AFB and VAF. The card reads: Dear Neil, Thank you for showing us the way. We look forward to working with you in all the Kooyong Committee's future endeavors. (Signed by) Margaret Deane, Judith Williams, Bette MacSween, Don Lee, Eve Lustig, Greg ?, Mavis ?
The paper reads: Neil Maxwell has always been a very special person over the years he has been at Kooyong. He has been on the board of the Association for the blind from 1984-1993 and became a Director. Neil also became a Tour Guide on the 1st February 1989 and he was tutored by Marjory Lane, and he became very adept in learning new information very quickly. He worked with the Guides until the 7th April 1997. He has also joined the Kooyong Committee and became Chairman in 1998. Neil has given a lot of years to Vision Australia Foundation. He has always been a giver not a taker. Thank you Neil from The Kooyong Committee.

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Collection of cards paying tribute to Neil Maxwell

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