Historical information

Book produced by the Science Museum provides a brief history of the cable tram system, with photos. Includes details of the engine houses, the cable, the grip mechanism, the ticket bell punch, and why "Mind the Curve". Has a list of acknowledgments. Published shortly after or at the time of the launch of the tram in the enclosure in Russell St.

The additional sheet with the book provides details for each route of route, the location of the city terminus, suburban terminus, running time, night light, route length, first and last car for each day of the week. Not known who compiled the sheet.


Demonstrates the work of the Science Museum - now Scienceworks.

Physical description

Book - 16 pages + card cover +postcard of cable tram set No. 1 at the Science Museum 1975. Inside the book is a ruled sheet of paper with details of the cable tram routes, handmade with ink.