Historical information

Photograph of a 1926 Hudson Super 6 parked at the tea room/kiosk on the intersection of Riversdale Road and Warragul Road. Distinguishing features of the car include the triangular badge on the radiator and the unusual disc wheels. The 1926 Hudson also had horizontal radiator shutters. On this vehicle, a finer mesh has been attached in front of the shutters. This is normal practice when insects such as locusts are in plague. At the time, Warragul Road was known as East Boundary Road.

Behind the car on the tramway pole is a colour light tramway signal for the single-line section between Warragul Road and the terminus. On 1 July 1928, the Wattle Park line was extended from Boundary Road via Riversdale Road to Elgar Road. It was built as a single track with a passing loop about halfway along, plus a passing loop at the former Boundary Road terminus. The tramway pole has a stop sign and a telephone box as well.

In a box of negatives received is an envelope noting the car was owned by Ray Pearson and photo taken during the 1930s.

Inside the motor car are two people, the driver, and a lady. In the background is part of the tea rooms located at this corner with a Shell gravity-fed petrol bowser. At the time, petrol was not sold at Service Stations on a Sunday - Sunday trading laws, but they allowed Tea Rooms or kiosks to be open.


Yields information the intersection of Warragul and Riversdale Road and MMTB single line signals.

Physical description

Black and white photograph on Velox paper.

Inscriptions & markings

On rear in pencil "Colour light signal Wattle Park Route, down end loop line, corner of Riversdale and East Boundary Roads".