Historical information

Rob Coy depicted the 22 following buildings with a map

1. Bonnie Doon
2. Gracedale
3. Cora Lynn
4. Carinya
5. Kia-Ora
6. Kalimna
7. Argyll
8. Minapre
9. Erskine House
10.Hotel Pacific
11. The Cumberland
12. Riverview
13. Hotel Lorne
14. The Chalet
15. Santoy
16. Clovelly
17. Yendallock
18. Nenthorne
19. Quamby
20. Ben-My-Kree
21. Glenora
22. Ozone House

Physical description

Rectangular framed color print of Rob Coy ‘ sketch Accommodation Lorne to 1950. The guest houses were, Bonnie Doon, Gracedale, Cora Lyn, Karinya, Kia Ora, Kalimna, Argyle, Minapre, Erskine House, Hotel Pacific, Cumberland, Riverview, Lorne Hotel, Chalet, Santoy, Clovelly, Yendaloch, Nenthorne, Quamby, Ben - My Cree, Glendora, Ozone House and a small map showing the locations of the accommodation. We believe this this is the original print. The colors are mainly blue and light tan.

Mounting & framing

Mounted and framed