Historical information

In World War 2 residents of Victoria were concerned about enemy attack so a series of Spotters Huts were established along the coast. In Lorne the Spotters Hut was at Queenspark in the old recreation building. Many locals volunteered their time. The plaque was made by the Lorne Historical Society to honour these people who volunteered to join the Air Observers Corp.

Physical description

A rectangular thin Metal sheet , with black printing. This plaque was made in 1997 as a project of the Lorne Historical Society to pay tribute to the Spotters who worked in the spotters cabin at Queens Park Lorne during the Second World War. It listed all the names of the know Spotters,
Win Allen, Nita Armistead, George Armitage, Olga Armitage, Grace Brown, George Crabbe, Monty Craig’s, Margaret Cunningham, Marj Gaylord, Marj Grant, Annie Stirling, Margie Fairbairn, Sheila McIntyre, Wilhemena Morris, Murray Morton, Nick Murnane, Eva Norton, Miss Pethabridge, Eileen Quick, Chas Read, Rev Ken Robert’s, Jack Stirling, Fred Harlock, Nellie Harlock, Cleve Herbert, Joyce Herbert, Hubert Howell, Bert Hughes, Helen Hughes, Enid Jarrett, Alice Kendrick, Marion Kendrick, Rowley Valentine, Mrs G Schram, Don Stewart , Hector Stribling, Cyril Barcoe, Rev Wilson, Kevin Dare, Cliff Green, Shirley Heathcote, Murray Milne.
The plaque was placed on the Spotters Hut in 1997 but removed when the hut was remodeled