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Bacchus Marsh by Bacchus Marsh is an anecdotal history of the town and district of Bacchus Marsh. It is a collection of memories of 49 residents recorded in oral history interviews and then adapted into a written record. Most of the interviewees had lived in Bacchus Marsh for many decades and are from a variety of occupations and backgrounds. The oldest interviewee was born in 1890 and the youngest was born in 1938. The interviews were conducted by Geoffrey Camm who then transcribed them and edited them for this publication. A black and white photographic portrait of each interviewee accompanies each chapter. The book includes maps and an index of individual and family names. Publication citation: Camm, Geoffrey, compiler, Bacchus Marsh by Bacchus Marsh: An anecdotal history, Bacchus Marsh, Vic. : Shire of Bacchus Marsh in conjunction with ; Melbourne: Hargreen Publishing, 1986. 392 pages.