Historical information

This ring belonged to Captain William Henry Bacchus who was one of the first British colonists to establish a farming property on Wurundjeri and Wadawurrung First Nations people lands 55 kilometers west of Melbourne. The land occupied by Bacchus in 1838 came to be known by the early colonists as Bacchus’s Marsh before later changing officially to Bacchus Marsh. The ring is believed to have been made to commemorate the death of Captain Bacchus’s father Wm (William) Bacchus in Somerset, England in 1788.


This ring has significance because it is an object associated with a significant historical person in the history of the region of Bacchus Marsh. It is a rare, probably unique example of an 18th century mourning ring connected to the local community. It also has aesthetic value as an object and is in excellent condition.

Physical description

Gold ring with blue and black coloured inlay. Contains writing on the outside

Inscriptions & markings

WM Bacchus Esq OB: 10th JUNE 1788 Æ: 38