Historical information

Set of six photographs showing Domain Interchange or Junction including trams and buses in St Kilda Road. Photos by Bill Kingsley who lectured in Civil & Traffic Engineering at Footscray Technical College. These would have been taken to show how an interchange functions. Dated on an envelope with negatives as 13/10/1971.

1 - Tram stop showing shelter, SW6 886 (City) and Melbourne Brighton Bus No. 660 (City, route 602). Tram 886 had adverts for Ferris car radios and Sony electronics.
2 - W2 550 (City no route number) arriving at the stop with passengers waiting.
3 - Two Melbourne Brighton buses (routes 601 and 602) with a long line of outbound trams in the background.
4 - Inspectors cabin with W2 428 and W2 324 (City, route 67)
5 - SW6 897 (City route 3) with Inspectors cabin and Domain Road in the background.
6 - Bunch of seven southbound trams between Domain Road, tailed by W2 574 (Malvern Burke Rd, Route 5).


Yields information about the Domain Interchange / Junction

Physical description

Set of six black and white photographs and associated 35mm negatives.

Inscriptions & markings

"Domain Intersection" on rear of each print.