Historical information

A copy of report printed in the Bulletin to advise legatees about the publicity arranged for Legacy Week in 2007. The launch of the Badge appeal was held at Parliament House with the Hon. Justin Madden MLC speaking about his life as a former Junior Legatee. Television channels publicised Legacy using Ron Barassi and the Widows' Pilgrimage. Leader newspapers promoted Legacy as did Hocking Stuart Real Estate. There was also paid advertisements in newspapers and on television channels during the new. Report was written by Public Relations Officer Carmel McConnell.
Document was from a folder of documents donated to the archive by Legatee Bill Rogers that related to his time as President (March 2006 - March 2008).


An insight into Legacy taking a professional approach to fundraising in 2006.

Physical description

Print out x 1 page of a report printed in the Bulletin on 20 September 2007 about fundraising for Badge Week.