Historical information

A copy of a speech given by President Bill Rogers to the students at Kambrya College. He mentions the hardships of war, the high number of casualties, and troops in peace keeping operations.
He mentions a poem called 'Pittance of Time' - it was written and sung by a Canadian, Terry Kelly. The first verses were:
"They fought and some died for their homeland
They fought and some died now it's our land
Look at his little child there's no fear in her eyes
Could he not show respect for other dads that have died
Take two minutes would you mind
It's a pittance of time
For the boys and the girls who went over
In peace may they rest may we never forget why they died
It's a pittance of time"
Document was from a folder of documents donated to the archive by Legatee Bill Rogers that related to his time as President (March 2006 - March 2008). The date is not mentioned but was likely to be 11 November 2006 or 2007.


A record of a speech given to students.

Physical description

Print out x 3 pages of a speech given by President Bill Rogers to students at Kambrya College on Remembrance Day.