Historical information

Display panel made for the 2018 exhibition in the Port Melbourne Town Hall to celebrate 25 years since the founding of the Port Melbourne Historical & Preservation Society in 1993.
Top row L to R - Perce MAGUIRE-WHITE (Founding member): Wendy MORRIS (Founding member): Terry KEENAN (Founding member): John MAY (Founding member): Susan REIDY (Founding member): Jim POWER (Founding member): Margaret BRIDE (Founding member): Graham BRIDE (Founding member): Anne CALLAGHAN (Founding member) : Glen STUART (Founding member): Lorraine HALL (Founding member):
2nd row L - R - Heather WALE (Founding member): Pat GRAINGER: Nicholas CREE: Ron STRANKS
3rd row L - R Bob GARDINER: Barbara GARDINER: John WRIGHT: Liana THOMPSON:
4th row L - R - David THOMPSON: Glen COSHAM: Sherrie ANTONIO: Greg HANSEN:
5th row L - R - Suzy MILLBURN: Janet BOLITHO: Maree CHALMERS: Maralyn KOBELT:
6th row L - R - Ann GIBSON: Jack BOLT: Helen BARRY: Virginia SNELL:
7th row L - R - : Marilyn ALLPORT: Max ALLPORT: Robyn CLINCH: Allan MIERS:
8th row L - R - ?: Jan SOLDATOS: Vera WHITE : Peter LOGAN:
9th row L - R - Dorothy OLIVE: Eddie BUSUTTIL: Chris PIPER: George TSINGOS:
10th row L - R - Fiona MCCONNELL: John KIRBY: Phil KING: Rebecca MOORE:
11th row L - R - ? : Steve TSERKEZIDIS: Sue LEONG: Bernadene VOSS: Ann-Marie RICHARDSON: John LACK: Val POWER: Emma TEASDALE: Christine GRIFFITHS: Ray JELLEY: Beris CAMPBELL.

Physical description

Display poster with colour photographs of a selection of members surrounding a text panel