Historical information

One of a series of tram / bus tickets known as "Schoolboy Howlers" - with a joke line on the rear and that Melbourne's trams and buses were carrying 1,000,000 passengers per day. Use to promote advertising on rear of tickets. Has the saying "It is nice to go damsel picking in the Autumn". Ticket 4d - has been punched "Out" for Section 4. The figure of 1,000,000 likely to be a bit of puffery, though on some days that may have occurred during the 1940s.
See item 6949 for about 60 different schoolboy howlers.


Demonstrates tickets with a funny theme, at the time, on the rear.

Physical description

MMTB paper or flimsy ticket - 4d - black print on off white paper - No. C Jf 820103