Historical information

Flag made to represent Mortar Platoon 1RVR in the late 1970s.


This flag was created by the members of Mortar Platoon ( likely 1RVR) in .the late 1970s. It lists the names of the members of the platoon at the time. This item is well provinances

Physical description

Dark red cotton, rectangular flag with white satin pelican carrying two mortar bombs sewn on the obverse in the centre. The Pelican has black sitiching for details and the mortar bombs are oulined in black. The flag has gold coloured trim. "Mortar Platoon" and the names of the platoons members are embroidered in an orange/ gold coloured thread

Inscriptions & markings

"Mortar Platoon" " John Barber" "Graham Hamilton" "Jeop Damen" " Ron Banks" "Ray Smart" "Tom Johnston TC" "Jim Campion" "Alan Single's" Bob Johnstone ( Johnno)" "Phil Dunk" " John Rees" "Oley Ok" " Rick Grant" " Bob Howe" "Reg Hayes" "Graham Davies"