Historical information

Rail used by The North Melbourne and Essendon Tramways and Lighting Co. at their Essendon Depot. Based on item 2566, originally rolled by Carnegie Steel in Pittsburg. The reference link provides the history of the company. Section taken from No. 13 road July 2005. Has rolling date welded onto one side, with location and date written in yellow paint on the foot of the rail.


Yields information about the type of rail used in 1906 at Essendon Tram depot.

Physical description

Section of rail recovered from Essendon Tram depot relay with "1906" welded to one side. Has a hole on the underside cut using an oxy-acetylene torch for a bolt possibly to secure the rail. Has been sawn from a salvaged section of rail. See item 2566 for a photograph of a section of rail at Essendon depot with the date and manufacturer's name rolled onto it.