Historical information

Colour slides of Governor of Victoria, Sir Edmund Herring speaking to the crowd at the Christmas party at Government House. Melbourne Legacy held an annual Christmas Party for Junior Legatees and Widows at Government House for many years.
The year is unknown but likely to be during the 1950s. A group of slides in glass mounts with green tape are probably from a couple of consecutive years. They will be catalogued separately.
Was with many other slides taken in the 1950s and 1960s. The slides have been photographed to make digital images and moved to archive quality sleeves. In many cases the original images were not well focussed and the digital image is the best available.


A record of the Governor of Victoria attending the Legacy Christmas party held at Government House.

Physical description

Colour slides x 3 of Governor Herring speaking from the steps of Government House at a Legacy Christmas party, in a glass mount with green tape.