Historical information

The history of this item is unknown. It has been suggested that SBC could be the initials of a person or could stand for an organisation such as Sandridge Bowling Club which was formed a year or two before the municipality, and the club, changed its name to Port Melbourne. It may stand for Sandridge Borough Council.

The glass was donated to PMHPS by David GRAHAM, the last Town Clerk of Port Melbourne. David does not know the origin of the glass other than it was kept by a succession of Town Clerks at Port Melbourne Town Hall, to his knowledge going back to the 1970s. The glass is older than that and it is tempting to think that it could be from Sandridge Borough Council and has been kept by each Town Clerk of the municipality since the 1860s, 1870s or early 1880s. The truth may never be known.

Physical description

Clear drinking glass with a short stem and a flute-style bowl. The initials SBC are engraved on one side of the bowl and a decorative fern is engraved on the other side.