Physical description

Series of six (6) Nucolorvue postcards with serrated edges of scenes around Bendigo featuring Bendigo trams under the operation of either the SECV or the Bendigo Trust.

963.1 - "The Cenotaph and Alexandra Fountain" at Charing Cross. Has Bendigo bogie car in background. Also the Beehive building and Ezywalkin shoes. Nucolorvue postcard BE41 on rear and other information in green ink.

963.2 - "Tram No. 25, a maximum traction car built in 1916. Now operated by The Bendigo Trust between Central Deborah Mine and Emu Point." Features No. 25 in Bendigo Trust colours with Coca Cola and Bendigo Timber Co ads on the roof. On nearby pole is a "Bendigo Talking Vintage Tram" signs. In background is the Beehive building and other buildings near Charing Cross. Nucolorvue postcard BE52 on rear and other information in green ink.

963.3 - "Birney Tram No. 30 decorated for a Royal Tour occasion. The Bendigo trust operates this tram and others on a tourist service between Central Deborah Mine and the Chinese Joss House at Emu Point." Features No. 30 decorated for a visit of Prince Charles, 26/10/1974 with crown, Australian and English flags. Has Myer building in the background. On adjacent pole are two signs "Cars stop on Request". Nucolorvue postcard BE 44 on rear and information in green ink.

963.4 - "The Central Deborah Gold Mine and a vintage tram operated by the Bendigo Trust" Features Birney No. 28 at the mine terminus. Nucolorvue postcard BE48 on rear and other information in green ink.

963.5 - "Charing Cross Bendigo Vic." featuring SECV trams 5, 19 and other bogie car crossing street heading for Quarry Hill. Has Fountain Plaza building in background. Nucolorvue and other information in brown ink.

963.6 - "The Sacred Heart Cathedral looking from High St." Has tram 25 in Bendigo Trust colour running along street in front of Cathedral. Work to complete the spire on the Cathedral underway. Nucolorvue postcard BE47 and other information on rear in green ink.

Bendigo Vintage Talking Trams - K.S.Kings