Physical description

.1 - Twenty page booklet on the history of the Brighton Electric Line by Leon Marshall-Wood, published 1956. Gives a brief history of the electric tramway operated by the Victorian Railways between St. Kilda Station and the Brighton Beach railway station, that commenced operation in 1905. The booklet was priced 2/-, published by the Traction Publications. Has 18 photographs, map 1905 and present day (when printed), rolling stock roster and notes and on the rear cover has details of the AETA. Front cover has horizontal crimson stripes. Has details of the AETA on the back cover and listing of some publications.

Second copy from Ian Stanley added 24-1-2016.

.2 - as for above - second edition, 1958, similar text, different photo layout and different front cover photo.

See Reg Item 7631i for a scan of the 1966 edition.

Inscriptions & markings

On front cover of first copy of .1 - top right hand corner; "N.Z.R.L.S / with compliments" and initials. Under title of book, "Price to Society 18/- Aust. per doz. / Retails 2/-"

On page 3 of second copy of .1 - "Ian J Stanley 28 Park Road, South Camberwell, SE6, BK3746"

On page 3 of .2 - "Ian J Stanley" in ink.