Physical description

Set of 4 transparencies - copy slides - possibly ARE film strip dated March 1972. 1209.2 and 1209.4 on Kodak Readymount mounts.

1209.1 - Bendigo 5, 6 and 28 on a special tram service in bound to the City on a tour in Caledonia St. about to enter Lucan St, or White Hills Road or Weeroona Ave. (mis match in names in various maps). Gas works in the background. No. 5 has a white disk on the rear of the tram.

1209.2 - Nos 2 and 26 at Charing Cross with the Fountain Plaza in the background. Both trams have the destination of Quarry Hill, though 26 is on the Eaglehawk bound track.

1209.3 - No. 19 at the Golden Square terminus, with the conductor or driver swinging the pole and Billy Rodda's Golden Square hotel in the background.

1209.4 - No. 7 at Fire Station loop, en route to North Bendigo, picking up a passenger with a pram.

Part of a set of 20 slides made by the Association of Railway Enthusiast Provincial Tramways film strip. Reference Item 2560 details the ARE Film Strip and provide references to other slides.

Inscriptions & markings

Information written on in blue ink and date stamped on purple ink.

1209.1 - "Nos 5, 6 and 28 in Caledonia St. about to enter Weeroona Ave."

1209.2 - "Nos 2 and 26 at Charing Cross."

1209.3 - "Swinging the pole on No. 19 at Golden Square Terminus."

1209.4 - "No. 7 inward bound from Golden Square stops at Fire Station Loop."