Physical description

Political pamphlet, published by the Australian Labor Party for the Saturday May 30, 1970 state election titled "Ballarat Must Retain its Public Transport".

Printed in red ink on off white art paper, features Ballarat 42 crossing Albert St Sebastopol. Gives quotes from Liberal members supportive of private transport in Ballarat. On rear gives five points of the Labor party why private transport should be kept, and photos of the candidates for Ballarat South (Ted Cullen), Ballarat Province (The Hon Jack Jones) and Ballarat North (Kevin Flynn).

See Alan Bradley, Trams of the Golden City - from the draft - "During the campaign for the State election of May 30, 1970 the Labor Party and tramways union campaigned for the retention of “public transport” by voting labor. But the Bolte Government was returned, all four Ballarat Liberal members held their seats, and most importantly the Government won a majority in the Upper House."