Historical information

Each sheet or run details where the driver/conductor would sign on, time, the trips, meal breaks, finish time. Shows the tram operations with many short workings with some very detailed instructions, including running specials to schools.


Demonstrates aspects of the Ballarat Tramways at the end of the operations prior to closure. Gives details of working hours, rosters for the week for crews. Shows the additional trams to the basic service on Weekdays and special instructions for picking up school children etc.

Physical description

Set of Table or Run sheets for the Ballarat Tramways. Two tables per sheet, punch along top edge, with ring protectors on top sheet. Groups of sheets have been stapled centrally along the top edge. See Reg Item 3424.1, 3424.2 for Saturday and Sunday.
3423.1 - Weekdays (Monday to Fridays), Motorman - dated 19th January. 1969. Has runs 1 to 28.
3423.2 - Weekdays - Conductors - dated 13th January 1970. Has runs 1C to 17C.
Full scan of document added as a pdf file 5/6/2019.

Inscriptions & markings

On front of folder in black ink " BTPS Cat No 809" (3423.1) and "810" on 3423.2.