Yields information about the method that the State Electricity Commission of Vic undertook interviews for staff appointments. Gave advice of the era for such interviews and objectives of the interview.

Physical description

Thirty page book printed on heavy light brown paper, stapled with an folded card cover titled "The Automaticket Bell Punch System of Fare Collection and Control". Describes the Automaticket system, has samples of traffic tickets pasted in the book, diagrams, drawings, gives details of the components and method of operation in particular ticket inspection, ticket and checking back office functions. Published by the Bell Punch Company of London early to mid 1930's? Cover and each page headed "Confidential Information for Executives". Has a photo of South Western Roadlines double deck bus with a conductor.

See also Reg. Item 3629 for another version of the pamphlet for this machine.

In the rear cover of the book, folded and stapled to give a pocket, are listed three forms that would have been provided with the book - not with the collected copy.

-However in the pocket were eleven 11 "Ticket Issue Machine" or "TIM" tickets - eg City of South Melbourne library fine, packing slips, sample meal tickets, Army canteen beer tickets, and sample bus tickets - including one pinned to a business card - John Bolland of Eastern Suburbs Omnibus Service who were the agents for the TIM machines. (image btm3645i3) Card has date of "4-1-50".

Also three sample Bell punch tickets and one ultimate machine ticket - two 1d tickets.

As well at the time of acquisition were a SEC Special Pass - to Reg Item 3648 and a SEC Staff Pass ticket - to Reg item 3649.

Full scan of document added as a pdf file 5/6/2019.