Physical description

Set of two newspaper cuttings, March 1953 regarding the roster, - one-man tram dispute in Geelong - 1953. Both cuttings pasted onto off white paper. and Newspaper name and date type on the top.

.1 - "Geelong Trams May Stop After Sunday" - date obscured due to silver fish damage, some time between the 20th and the 29th - regarding a potential strike of Geelong tram crews due to grievances with the roster, walking times. Notes union had been re-registered at the time , but did not have an award. Quotes Mr. T. Farr, Mr. C. McDonald and that there were 85 men in the traffic branch.

.2 - "Hearing Tram Dispute tomorrow" - dated 31st March 1953 - dispute to be heard by Chief Conciliation Commissioner, Mr, Mooney tomorrow. Notes Mr. G. Poyser - Geelong Secretary of the union, Mr. C. O'Shea - state Secretary. Dispute re time allowances.