Yields information about a social welfare or friendly society part of the Ballarat Tramways - group who looked after their fellow workers through contributions. Gives the rules of the Ballarat Tramways and SEC Benefit Fund.

Physical description

Sixteen page with light brown light weight card covers, centre stapled book titled "The Objects, Rules and Regulations of 'The Ballarat Tramways and SEC Benefit Fund." Details the committee, that it was approved by the Department of Social Services, name, objects, constitution, trustees, executive, collectors, meeting of members, members qualifications, benefits (in pounds), claims, unfinancial members, payment of claims, the Secretary, alteration to constitution and Order of business.

Note the membership allowed for any SEC employee in the district.

President H. Knight

Secretary and Treasurer - W. Cross

Vice President F. Spielvogel and J. Tucker

Committee - C. Phillips, H.Gilbert, A.Johnson, G. Millar, P.Hubbard, D.McLeod, L. Hoare, W.Edwards, W.Lyons, W.Cross, J.Young, H.Knight, E.Cartledge, T.Duke, W.Waight, S.Todd, V.McCartin.

Dated - 24/1/1947- earlier version of Reg Item 3657, benefits similar, but contribution lower 1/- instead of 1/6 per week. This may

See also Reg item 7134 for a similar document but with different committee membes and an alteration to the Rules.

Full scan of document added as a pdf file 5/6/2019.

Inscriptions & markings

On front cover in ink "D.Kellett"