Yields information about a piece of the original equipment from the ESCo Ballarat power station.

Physical description

Colour photograph of the ESCo Wendouree Parade power station - DC face plate starter for one of the rotary converters - DC hand operated drum and multiple lever panel" - see Jan. 1998 issue of Fares Please! for details of the donation and a copy of the photograph as used. Photo taken by Warren Doubleday. Printed on Kodak Paper. Photo taken mid Dec. 1997.

Photos of cabinet with doors opened and signs added 2/4/2018.


.1 - Brookhirst makers plate with Patent Nos.

.2 - Machine with doors open

.3 - wiring diagram

.4 - Brookirst cabinet latch at the bottom of the machine.

.5 - Safety sign re opening the doors.

.6 - bottom section of cabinet with cable found in machine

.7 - top half of machine

.8 - similar to .6

.9 - close up of the cable.

See January 1998 Fares Please!