Yields information about the appearance of one Geelong's bogie trams, No. 40 prior to closure of the system.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of the Geelong No. 40, photographed with the depot in the background. The tram has the destination of Depot.

Three prints held. Photographed by John Webster, 21/8/1955.

Photo used on page 39 of Destination City.

Print is only part of whole negative, see 4702i3

On Negative in ink "EH 31"

Negative scanned at hi res 4/6/2020 and image updated.

Inscriptions & markings

Copy 1 - On rear in ink "Tram 40, Ex "C" class Melb No. / Geelong Vic" and in top right hand corner "EH31 / 21-8-55 / and 1/250 4.5"

Copy 2 - On rear in ink "Tram 40 Geelong / W. John Webster Photo/ and in top right hand corner "EH31 21-8-55" and initials "JR"

Copy 3 - on rear ink "9263#, W.John Webster Photo" and pencil cropping marks and printers instruction s "Increase to 31ems"