Yields information about Ballarat Trams and streetscapes early 1960's and the details of the Victoria St terminus while running specials for the AETA.

Physical description

Black and white print of Ballarat 18 and 37, at the Lydiard St gates, while B79 crosses the street. Photographed by Wal Jack, 21/4/1962. Two copies.

Tram has advertisements for "The Age". Tram is showing Special and has a number of people photographing the scene - AETA tour.

Photo print courtesy of Port Dock Railway Museum, now the National Railway Museum. See worksheet 4311 for letter and details of prints sent to Bill Scott, 19/10/2001. Any photo credit to mention NRM Collection.

Inscriptions & markings

On rear of copy 1" "73)" and "SEC Ballarat / 18 & 37 / Lydiard St North / 21/4/62 2091 / Wal Jack"